Our Background

Charlotte Lewenhaupt (Master of Economics, and winner of the “Young Farmer’s business owner award, 2009”,

My work has allowed me to experience many different countries and cultures.  In order to achieve the purpose of my business travels, I had to understand the culture of each country. As a mother of four, I have realized that it is important to teach the ”soft values”. How should someone become a good neighbour? How should one behave? It does not matter what profession or academic background you have, if you cannot behave well, and behave in a decent and nice way in society, you get nowhere. Our whole society, the world, is about interaction between people. And this is exactly what I want to teach- How should you behave and interact in society in the best possible way? I want to motivate our students to reach as far as possible so we focus on each individual’s strength – to encourage it, so that the focus is always on the positive.

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