Our Teachers

Sara Bohlin
”During my twelve years as a high school teacher, I have become increasingly convinced that the key to learning is for students to feel enjoyment and meaning. In my role as an educator, I’m very good at teaching my students and to meet them on their level. When they feel they can put their trust in me they start to invest their time and energy. I get The Integrations Guide participants to quickly realize that what I teach is an important piece of the puzzle to help them fit into Swedish society, which automatically means that they are prepared to engage in educational training. ”

Johan Karlsson
”My name is Johan and I am a high school teacher in history and sociology. I have worked as a teacher for 16 years and I am passionate about teaching young people. School is a very important part of society and is most important for children that have emigrated alone and who should go to school, to be part of that society. To link learning to their everyday lives and experiences is important, not least because comparisons are important to understand; the contrasts, as well as the similarities.”

Magnus Jarlöv
“For me, as a teacher it is most important to help people to grow. I strive to awaken the lust to learn; that is the key. With empathy, joy, trust, responsiveness, professionalism and community involvement we want to change the world through hard work and our way of life. I, and my wife Pia, run a cultural agency called Paradiso and it’s a productions company that knows no limits to what is possible with magic and methods of learning. My belief is that nothing is impossible and that to dare to fail is the path to development and success.”

Karim Baghermejad
I have worked as self-employed for 24 years in various industries.
Construction, restaurant and retail are some examples.
In over 20 years I have worked as an interpreter, educator and mother tongue teacher.
I am sensitive, educational and have extensive experience of working with young and old. In my work I have the ability to see the big picture, and to develop and evolve and get people to grow in their roles, reach their goals and feel safe and be seen.

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